Listen to Your Heart - How to Choose Your Midwife

Choosing your care provider is a big deal decision when you’re pregnant. Heck, just deciding where you want to have your baby may have been a job and a half.

But now you’ve decided you want to have your baby at home!

Or a birth center.

Or maybe you’re pretty sure you want to have your baby in the hospital but you’re still curious about all the great things you’ve heard about homebirth midwives.

Great! Those are all wonderful starting places. But now you’re faced with a new decision – which midwife is the right one for me?

Step 1: Find Your Local Midwives

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Postpartum: The Best Kept Secret About Homebirth?

One of the things we never seem to talk about is how very different the immediate postpartum period is at a homebirth versus at a hospital. I was recently a doula for a couple who planned a hospital birth. One of the parents turned to me at a postpartum visit and said, “You would not believe what postpartum was like in the hospital. Nurses coming in every 30 minutes, and if it’s not a nurse it’s someone coming in to empty the garbage or change the sharps container. Postpartum is REALLY why people have home births, I bet.”

I don’t know if I’ve ever had anyone choose to have a homebirth just for the postpartum period, but it’s absolutely true that there is a stark difference between the first few days and weeks after a homebirth and after a hospital birth.

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Arvigo® Therapy for Pregnancy

Back when I was a new midwife, I was surprised to find so many of my clients experiencing discomfort and pain in pregnancy. People complained of sciatica, symphasis pubis pain, heaviness in their pelvis, and an overall sense of unease. Everything else was going well with their pregnancies, they were growing healthy and happy babies, so what was going on? I started searching for other modalities that could help my clients and that’s when I found Arvigo Therapy®.

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