“Tel is the midwife you are looking for. As a Doula I am always watching to see who the best health care providers are and she is one. She was present, attentive, directive, loving and knowledgeable.”

— Rafeal Newport-Hewitt, Doula

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I cannot recommend Tel Viehmann Cunningfolk or Taproot Midwifery more highly! I was initially drawn to Taproot because of its intentional inclusiveness and social justice bent; however my partner (who had more reservations about home birth), was more concerned with making sure we were in the hands of a skilled professional. As it turns out, we got a twofer in Tel. From the very first meeting it felt like we were working with an old, dear friend – albeit one who could answer any question under the sun related to pregnancy and birth. Very unlike the clinic visits I had with my first child, my visits with Tel were not just medical check-ins, but almost felt like counseling sessions.

Tel asks deep questions, listens extremely well, and makes sure you have all the support you need not just medically, but also psychologically. As a result, I went into my labor feeling supremely confident and supported. But importantly for us (and especially my partner) we also felt that should anything come up, Tel would support whatever decision felt right to us, without judgment. With Tel’s support, we were able to have a smooth and healthy home birth. Additionally – the aftercare Tel provided was truly phenomenal, and made recovery so much easier (because we were doing it all together at home!). In short, I wholeheartedly recommend Taproot Midwifery – in choosing Tel you are choosing a highly skilled practitioner who is supremely kind, deeply conscientious, and whose practice is rooted in values of justice and inclusion. I can’t imagine a more winning choice, and look forward to staying connected with the Taproot Midwifery community for years to come.

— Sara Jackson


Tel helped me with my home birth and I was very comfortable with her from the moment I met her for the first time. She is very knowledgable, caring, understanding and such a warm-hearted midwife. She spent a lot of time on each appointment and answered all of my questions. She explained risks and benefits for everything we asked about and respected all the choices we made. I feel very fortunate to have had her as my midwife. Right after I delivered my daughter I thought I would like to hire her again for my next baby! 

I highly recommend Taproot Midwifery!

— Ayano K.

I have so much love for Tel and what she does for the community! I was lucky to have my second Mayan abdominal massage with her today and can't say enough good things. We shared a pot of tea, some lovely conversation, she worked on my front and back, giving a relaxed yet invigorating massage. If you haven't tried it yet, you should! Releasing pelvic and low back issues, working on posture and alignment all while you feel like you're talking to a friend you've known for years. And then a healthy bm later in the day to boot. What's not to love?!

I have also had the pleasure of seeing Tel in action as a midwife and labor support and she is fabulous. As a birth worker myself, I can honestly say that her calm, knowledgeable, supportive presence is EXACTLY what you want and need at your birth! Tel is a wealth of knowledge about birth and our bodies… Thank you again, Tel, for your wisdom and words of encouragement. You are truly a wonderful person and outstanding practitioner

— Gabi Henderson

It's hard to imaging a more caring/understanding/patient/and informative midwife exist. And her name is Tel!  Tel guided us through my pregnancy and helped us with becoming prepared for the big day. Through her we connected with our local natural birth community we didn't know existed. We have since moved from long beach to the Sacramento region and have missed the sense of community we established with Tel. Tel was so informative and understanding of our choices. The individual attention we received was one of the main reasons we chose to have a home birth. We loving look back at our home birth story and am grateful we had Tel by our side through the most magical and emotional moment of our lives.

— Katy

My wife and I had been trying for three years receiving services through our insurance carrier. We decided to try a different route and called Tel. Our first month doing an IUI with Tel and it worked! Call it what you will, fate, magic or luck. We are 5 months pregnant and absolutely believe our experience with Taproot Midwifery made a difference. Thank you Tel!!!

Tel is one of the nicest and kindest people I've ever met. My husband and I are so thankful we found her. Having her as my midwife for my third birth (first home water birth) was the best decision ever! She made the whole experience so comfortable - from the initial consultation, prenatal appointments, the birth, to the postnatal appointments. I couldn't be happier with how everything went.

My birth was just as I imagined it - relaxed and unhurried and Tel's calm demeanor had a lot to do with that. She is so knowledgeable. I knew I was in great hands even from the very beginning. She is a great listener. I felt like I had full control over how I wanted to birth. She is also so good with my newborn baby boy. It was just a wonderful experience all around. Thanks, Tel, for making this such an unforgettable experience. You have a friend in us forever

— Nerissa Magbitang

Normally I don't like to tell strangers about places I love. I'm pretty selfish that way. I don't want to share what is hugely personal and turn it into something that feels commercial. But Taproot Midwifery...I'm gonna review you. Taproot Midwifery is just a name. Taproot Midwifery is Tel. My husband and I talked about having our first baby at home- I was excited about the idea. My husband- not so much. So, baby #1 was born in a hospital. The birth went very smoothly. The value in that- my husband saw that a healthy pregnancy can end in an uncomplicated birth with the right care. 

So, with pregnancy #2, we agreed we were BOTH 80% comfortable with a homebirth.  But we needed to talk with a real midwife about it. There was only one person I was interested in talking to- a charismatic, friendly young midwife I met a year earlier. I remember when I met her thinking to myself, "she's the one." We found Tel and made an appointment to discuss the possibility of homebirth.  First of all, having your health provider come to your home is AMAZING! Tel visited with us, sweetly engaged with our attention-seeking toddler, and answered every question and every concern.  She didn't sugar-coat anything. She allayed our 20% worth of doubt.  We felt we were in good hands. We hired her.

What a good decision that was! Every appointment was in our home. She never rushed through a visit. She addressed every question. And for my weirdest questions, she either surprised me with her incredible depth of knowledge, or acquired an accurate answer for me.  She never left my questions or concerns unanswered. She treated me gently and respectfully, always with great care and consideration. Our birth story was short and sweet. We were in great hands. She allowed me to do what I needed to do. And intervened only when necessary as minimally as possible, with the same care and calmness we had seen all along. 

Being able to birth under my terms, in my home, at my speed, allowing my body to do what I knew it could do, was an incredibly empowering experience. Tel brought the expertise. I highly recommend her.  And I feel incredibly lucky to have her be part of my birth story.

— Carrie

Photo Credit :  CB Photography

Photo Credit : CB Photography

We can not even begin to express the amount of gratitude we have for finding Tel.  From the moment we met her, we KNEW we could trust her.  We transferred from conventional pregnancy "treatment" to Taproot Midwifery later on in our pregnancy.  The differences are astounding.  With Tel, we were receiving care.  She treated us with respect and was willing to give us ALL if the information for the questions we had, not just one facet or an answer that showed any bias to her opinion.  Coming into her care after having experienced the other side, this was a breath of fresh air.  We were able to take our experience from the industrial machine that felt more like we were being treated for an illness to a beautiful celabratory welcoming of our little Coën.  

Things didn't go according to our plan. We had tried for a home birth, but my body wasn't cooperating and after a very very long labor with Tel there every step of the way complications lead us to the decision to transfer to a hospital.  Even then, Tel came with us and remained by our side giving us an immense amount of support and guidance.  I do not know how things would have gone without her, but I can say that having her made all of the difference in the universe to us. We had strayed off course for our plan, but we were still able to achieve a vaginal birth of a super healthy little human.  Her postpartum care is topnotch as well.  She visited us in our home and was able to help figure out the breastfeeding beast.  We will most certainly involve Tel if and when we decide to have another child.  We cannot recommend her enough and would highly encourage anyone who is interested to at the least have a consultation with her. : )

— Jessa B.

Lyrah Adelyn was born 18 February 2014 at 8:11am, 8lbs, 19 1/2in. All natural vaginal birth, no medication. 24 hour labor, 5 hour active labor.

I am so incredibly happy that Tel was my Midwife during my first pregnancy! I can't begin to tell you how wonderful Tel is and how caring, intuitive, perceptive, wholesome, and dedicated she is. My whole pregnancy was an adventure! She helped me stay on top of my nutrition and really listened to my concerns and provided a lot of information. She helped my little one transition from womb to world. From the moment I called her, hearing her voice really calmed my nerves and I knew right then that she was it and my search was over :)

She is my Midwife for life, I will try my very best to have her as my Midwife for my next child :) Tel is amazing :)

— Rachele N.