Arvigo® Therapy for Pregnancy

Back when I was a new midwife, I was surprised to find so many of my clients experiencing discomfort and pain in pregnancy. People complained of sciatica, symphasis pubis pain, heaviness in their pelvis, and an overall sense of unease. Everything else was going well with their pregnancies, they were growing healthy and happy babies, so what was going on? I started searching for other modalities that could help my clients and that’s when I found Arvigo® Therapy.

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I’ve been an Arvigo® practitioner for several years now, and I finally got the chance to take the pregnancy workshop. It feels like coming home to be able to do this work. It feels like being given back a skillset that my midwifery ancestors knew, but that was lost with the medicalization of midwifery. (Nevermind the long complicated history of colonization and the eradication of cultural knowledge that my ancestors went through. That’s a long post for another day).

Arvigo® Therapy and Pregnancy

Here’s what I know about Arvigo® Therapy during pregnancy: people melt on my table. People bliss out and tell me they’re never leaving. People sigh with relief and say nobody touches their belly like that, not even their massage therapist. Babies wiggle and say hello and get more comfortable. I can feel all of that under my hands. People get off my table lighter, in less pain, and feeling more buoyant than they’ve felt in a long time. Folks feel like they got an more in-depth and personalized prenatal visit after an hour with this midwife’s hands and heart all to themselves than they ever get in their 15-minute OB appointments.

Here’s what I also know about Arvigo® Therapy during pregnancy: it works. There are a lot of long complicated reasons why it works. We’ll stretch your broad ligaments, allowing your uterus to return to center. This creates space for your baby to fit into your pelvis in the most optimal position. I work on your sacrum and the 41 ligamentous attachements on your coccyx (tailbone) to create more ease and space in your pelvis for an easier birth.  Arvigo® Therapy can reduce pain and discomfort from sciatica and symphasis pubis dysfunction by releasing trapped nerves and giving attention to muscle attachments. There are a million different reasons for what I do, but at the end of the day sometimes it’s enough to just know that it works.

Effective and Relaxing

Arvigo® Therapy is effective and helpful at every stage of pregnancy, from the day you pee on a stick up through the very end of the road where you need this baby to just come out already! When you get regular Arvigo® Therapy through your pregnancy, you will reduce pain and discomfort, minimize annoying pregnancy symptoms like heartburn, and set yourself up for an easier and faster birth.

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Photo by Kewei Hu on Unsplash