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Photo credit:  CB Photography

Photo credit: CB Photography


Taproot Midwifery provides complete holistic midwifery care prenatally, during labor and birth, and postpartum.

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Fertility and Insemination

Taproot Midwifery is proud and honored to support growing families. We specialize in fertility and insemination for LGBTQ individuals and families.  

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Arvigo® Therapy

Arvigo® Therapy is a hands-on system of healing dedicated to restoring balance to the reproductive and digestive systems.

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Well Body Care

Well body care with a licensed midwife is a uniquely holistic experience. It is a proactive way to maintain good health and learn about your unique body. 

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Your Midwife

Taproot Midwifery is Tel V. Cunningfolk, LM, CPM. I serve families living in Sacramento and up to an hour away, offering a seamless continuity of care that fosters trust and safety during your pregnancy, birth, and early parenting days. 


Our mission

Care Dedicated to Change

At Taproot Midwifery we are first and foremost community midwives. What does that look like in practice? It means that we provided indvidualized care. We are here to serve you and your unique family. And it means that we celebrate what makes your family special and we know that your family can look many many different ways.

Our clients are two-parent families, single-parent families, and families with co-parents helping out in creative ways. Families having their first baby and families having their fifth. People who have rocked their HBAC (Home Birth After Cesearean). Vegans and ominivores alike. Straight, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and genderqueer clients. Mamas, Ummas, Imas, nonbinary Babas and transgender Dads. Families who have made their babies at home with no one else around, and families who needed the help of IUIs or IVF to make their babies. Families of all colors and interracial families. Families from diverse socio-economic backgrounds including low income families that need creative payment plans. People having their first baby at 45 years old and people having their first baby at 18. Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, LDS, and Athiest families. Families where everyone speaks one language and families where multiple languages are heard every night at the dinner table. All of these families feel welcome in our practice. You are welcome in our practice.

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